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How to Lead a Discussion

Page history last edited by Andy Johnson 15 years, 5 months ago

Leading a discussion is easy, so go ahead, think of a topic and put your name and topic on the schedule for the time you would like to moderate.


If you have ever moderated a small group then you already know what to do. If you have ever been to a small group...you know what to do. The goal is just to keep the conversation going and to mediate any outbursts of opinion that distract the group from collaborating together. Basically, a combination goalee to "keep the puck in play", and referee to "stop the fight/rambling".


"I'm not a good public speaker." You might say.

PRAISE GOD! The last thing we want is an egotistical talking head sucking the life and oxygen out of a room.

In fact, it is probably better if you are not a "born leader" as it will encourage others to participate. If you can say "Hi", "Welcome", "My name is....." and "That is interesting. What do the rest of you think?" You have it down.


All you need is a topic you feel is important and computer to edit the list. We know you have the second one.

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