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What to Expect

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At the Texas IT Roundtable event you should expect to a) connect in a meaningful way with your peers in other churches and b) to learn at least one major thing and one minor thing before going home. Chances are you will learn so much more, but set the bar low and you will enjoy it more!



  • Pre-register as early as you can so we know you are coming. Then, please put your name and any organization you represent on this page to give everyone an idea of who is coming.
  • Take a look at the schedule.  We'll do our best to update it so that you know what is going on.  Remember, this day is driven by the participants, so nothing is set in stone.
  • Bring a laptop - It's great for showing off that program you mentioned during the break. Plus, there is wifi access provided in the building so you can fix your church network when it breaks (and it will). 
  • Come early, but not too early - Showing up at 8am will be fine. Show up earlier, and you'll get drafted for setup work (much appreciated!). Show up later, and you'll miss breakfast and be stared at by everyone.
  • Be ready to participate - come with an idea for a session you can lead. You don't have to be an expert at your topic; as long as it's not too specific, there'll probably be someone else present who can help you out. You can also contribute to the conversation during a session. This is a great way to participate, since it spreads knowledge from everyone, instead of just the leader.



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